50/50 Collection

We wanted to create a new collection, the 50/50 Collection in support of author photographers, starting with a book by Gildas Lepetit-Castel and Flore Willefert, because we can no longer stand the dramatic situation that has arisen with the confinement. Without sources of income, nor consequent aid, nor support from cultural communities, or worse, total silence, authors suffer from an obvious lack of expression and income.

Our idea for the 50/50 Collection is simple:

50% of the sales revenue for the author, 50% for us.

no printing costs for the author, we take care of the production and sales via our OHM website.

the specifications are the same for all authors:
- a French format 20×25 cm
- 60 pages maximum
- soft cover
- metal quilting

Because it is necessary to innovate, redistribute, evolve quickly and SUPPORT THE AUTHOR PHOTOGRAPHERS!

Thank you for sharing, disseminating and contributing.

We open this 50/50 Collection to all photographers authors accepting these conditions, we will publish in priority our favorites and we will study the series to be published with attention, thank you to send us your proposals with a small text of presentation of your project, a link to your site and work to our email address: hello (at) ohm-editions.com

Thank you for supporting living authors, thank you for sharing to contribute, thank you, thank you!

Claire & Marc

April 19, 2020


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