What they want to see


Raphael de Bengy

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Each visit to the prison being the result of multiple exchanges, calls, missed appointments, I could only hand-deliver one picture to a prisoner, who had been released from prison in the meantime. The other photographs were handed over in batches to the cultural manager of the centre, who forwarded them to each sponsor.

All this progress led me to question myself during the project about my motivation and the meaning of this work. The initial idea was to offer an image to a prisoner. But in reality, the more the project became a reality, the more I was burning to know what they would want to see - they who had the richness of being cut off from the world of images in which I was immersed. It was decided that the project would be called "What they want to see".

Raphael de Bengy

the author's website: http: //www.raphaeldebengy.com/cequilsveulentvoir


By "seeing" this series for the first time on Raphaël de Bengy's Facebook page, we had a crush...showing to see what people are deprived of, freedom for prisoners, sight even for the blind. And the desire for this series to come out of the screen and be printed seemed obvious to us. It is a first for us, from printer we become "publisher" with the desire to extend this experience in the form of accessible books, in short editions, on all the photographic heartbeats that make us see the world as it is, in its humanism and its contradictions, in its struggles and its joys too, wishing you with this reading all the pleasure we had in printing it and bringing it to life.

Claire & Marc


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