Gildas Lepetit-Castel
Flora Willefert

French format
48 p + cover
Soft cover
Metal pique
50 photographs NB & color


Interference in our way of life.
Hanging travelling, hearts in windows.
Only free of our memories...
To make our inner images rhyme in an outer world that no longer rhymes with anything.
The look that persists is a sign.

To create to continue to feel that we exist in a world where we no longer find our bearings.
Continue to look at life, not through the window, but through the images taken in recent months... Choose from our respective archives what we can bring together, dialogue, interfere to tell in our own way this world of today. This frozen world in which only art allows us to travel. To create in order to continue to live because it is for Flore & moi, a necessity. Before and even more since we met.
An unhoped-for encounter like that of two images: one grey, one coloured, which suddenly blend and take as their only tonality our common emotions.
DIAPHONY is our first book for two. A double testimony on what we, the authors, are living in this moment. And a glance at what surrounds us, what carries us and incites us to continue... thanks to your glances on what we produce.

Gildas Lepetit-Castel & Flore Willefert


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