PASSENGER (original edition)


Arnaud Brihay

3 sewn and assembled notebooks
84 pages
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preface by Michel Lussault

What exactly does it mean to exist? Above all, how can this question be answered without the agreed recourse to the intimidating and tympanizing great organs of metaphysics, or to escapes in poorly crafted poetry, which are nothing more than delaying tactics?
There is a simple way of attempting the exercise, however; to return to the etymological source of the word: ex-sistere.
Sistere, deriving from the Indo-European root sta, which means to stand upright, immobile (from which comes the Latin stare), means to place and/or to place oneself.
To exist is therefore to place and/or to place oneself "ex" - out of: both to place oneself and to move, in short to act to find one's (good) places.

Michel Lussault

Geographer, professor ENS de Lyon.
Director of the Urban School of Lyon: Urban & Anthropocene World.

Of these rooms and lights
heaven and earth
- seizures are just ordinary

This common that in my footsteps
pushes and pulls me
so much to the loneliness
than in busy rooms

I cross and I see
in life of concern
an impudent woman
With no other eyes

Gets herself together, she runs away.
shadowed by
with her hands she still
at the sight of holding

My blinded eyes
sing in silence
that definite smell
original drinks

Then gives birth
an orgasm like never before
a light a vertigo
across the curtain

Suburbs and mountains
of trees and lonely dogs
are taking shape again
- I'm going back.



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