Manu Jougla

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Vita brevis is photos that I've been taking every day for almost ten years, my children, my girlfriend, the landscapes that I go through every day or that I discover on my travels. At the end of 10 years I told myself that it was so much to put in shape this heterogeneous magma, that gave this book.

Manu Jougla

Editor's note

After a long time of digestion, mixing, sharing, between his children's drawings and moving images, as time goes by, Manu gives us once again a beautiful visual slap...

Ars longa, vita brevis (Art is long, life is short) this aphorism reminds us that we must seize the moment and let ourselves be carried away by the desire to create all the time, as an emergency, to see our life, our children, our love passing in front of the camera to better fix all these emotions, these extracts of life, these memories, as so many pages to discover in this very beautiful new book.

Born in 1983.
Beekeeper and photographer or vice versa depending on the season.
Loves silver grain, strange atmospheres, books and telling himself that he understands the world a little better (knowing it's not true) every time he presses the shutter release of his camera.

- Member of the editorial board of the journal Halogénure
- Founder and host of Saturn editions.

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